Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jewelry is a girl's best friend!

I got up this morning and started cleaning for my jewelry party. John was sweet and helped me out. I joke that I only host parties so that my house gets clean! I had a good turnout, especially considering how many people are on vacation. I had 9 grown ups and 4 sweet kids. We had a great time! Thanks to those of you who came, I really appreciate it girls! I am super excited because I already am at $450 in jewelry and get lots of free jewelry! It only goes up with ever order I recieve after that. I have a week to get anymore orders, but I think that I will close on Wed. anyway. I had posted earlier that I had that in free jewelry, but just now looked because it seemed like an awful lot. I will actually only have around $200 in free jewelry, and several choice of 1/2 off items. So, anyway, that is still not bad, it's free! After the party me, Stacy, and Tiff sat around and visited until it was time to pick up our boys from VBS. Kylan got a treat for singing well while they practiced for tomorrow's program. I can't wait to see it! I then finished up wrapping and making 2 baby shower gifts for two showers tomorrow. I will post the contents after the showers!!!

Oh, and by the friends apparently don't know me that well! We played a little game at the party tonight, and whoever knew me the best won a prize. My mom in law and my mom tied. Soooooo, for those of you who are the answers again for future reference, lol!

1. My middle name is LeAnn
2. I am 26
3. My husbands name is John
4. My favorite movie is Armageddon (yes it is old, but still a good one!)
5. I prefer sweet over salty
6. I prefer vanilla most of the time, choc. I love,but when I think of choc/van. I think of ice cream and cake, to which I prefer vanilla
7. I prefer romance over comedy
8.I prefer cats over dogs
9. My favorite color is actually purple, though green does come in 2nd along with pink

and last but not least...
10. My shoe size is a whopping 8!


Chandra said...

Wow! That's awesome, glad you had such a great show! Sounds like you all had a great time! I hate that I missed all the fun, but I'm very proud of all the progress we made in Caden's room! We're getting closer! See you this afternoon!

Stacy said...

um... yeah... i think you fibrolated on some of those answers... like vanilla instead of chocolate and purple being your favorite color.... and I am pretty sure if you check your birth certificate you will find that you are indeed 28. Come on now. I had fun!

Shea said...

I had a great time but was really shocked at what I didn't know about you! I just knew I'd win!

LindseyB said...

wish i would have known about this.....i had a bad week and wanted to do shopping therapy.