Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shopping and VBS

Today the boys and I went to town with my mom. She had an eye appt. and thought she was going to have to have her eyes dilated and needed me to drive her home. We shopped a little beforehand and I ended up with 3 new pairs of shoes. (Don't tell John, I hid them in the closet, lol!) Then I dropped the boys off at Chuck E. Cheese with my mom in law for my nephews birthday party while mom and I went to the eye doc. It worked out perfect because they didn't have to sit in that waiting room forever. After mom's appt. we went to get the boys. Kylan decided that he wanted to stay with his Meme since Gatlin was with her. She didn't care so she took him home with her. I had to go register Kylan for VBS and she took him for me at 5:30 since we were headed home. He going to a different church for VBS, our church is too small and hasn't had one in 3 yrs. He was invited to this one by a friend of mine so John and I discussed and felt that VBS would be good for him. We went and picked him up at 8:30. We got there a little early and got to hear them sing a few songs. He said he had a great time and his teacher said he was very good, so I was pleased. He is just growing up on me though. In fact in church Sunday he learned to tie his shoe within 5 minutes of trying it. He was so proud. He usually doens't wear shoes that tie so we haven't worked on that skill at all. Speaking of growing up Jace has been saying "Oh my" all week, it is the funniest thing.


Stacy said...

all I can say is thank goodness for Velcro. I have tried to teach the boys how to tie... but have had no real success. Isn't that what kindergarten teachers are for? Just kidding! Tell Kylan that Jake and Luke will be at VBS the rest of the week, they just had to finish up their art class last night! I have your bracelet ready! Hope you like it. It looks much cuter IRL.