Saturday, August 23, 2008

Whew, what a day!

We got up late this morning, which was very nice. I got up and finished some burp cloths and a wipe case that a friend ordered. Andee then brought Kylan home and we all headed to town. I delivered the baby things and ran a few errands. We then headed to Maggie's birthday party. Happy Birthday Mags! She had a cowgirl themed party complete with tattoos and face painting. The kids had a great time. We then headed to John's parents to go to the last night of the fair. All the grandkids try to meet one night to all hang out and ride the rides together. My parents also met us up there to watch the boys. Jace loved picking up a plastic duck out of the water to geta prize. Both his Papaw and his Poppie let him do that. Kylan decided that he wanted to stay the night with his Meme. I really didn't want him gone both nights of the weekend, but John told him yes before I had time to say no. That won't happen again however. Kylan just lucked out on that one. Now it is time to say goodbye to being busy for now and hopefully tomorrow will be an uneventful day.


Stacy said...

Uh oh... he knew who to ask first huh? You just wait until you have a houseful of kids, you will say yes anytime someone asks for one of them! JK!