Saturday, August 2, 2008

long wait

We headed to the beach again first thing this morning, and stayed out for a long time. We made a huge lobster out of sand, and lots of people came over to take pictures of it or with it. We also swam in the pool for awhile after seeing so many jellyfish. They were EVERYWHERE!!! We also decided to go on a Dolphin cruise. Kylan wanted to see the dolphins do tricks, which of course they didn't. We were just glad to see them. The only thing was that we all (grown-ups anyway) got seasick. My poor dad even got sick enough to throw up, along with another lady. I felt sooooo bad. Kylan didn't even care that much about the dolphins when we finally found them. He had been eating snacks and decided to start throwing them to the seagulls. They were catching his snacks mid-air, which he thought was the coolest thing ever. After the cruise we decided to head back to the condo for a little while to calm everyones stomachs. We later decided to go out and eat some supper. Kylan wanted to go to Fudpuckers since they had an alligator farm, but the wait line was 2 1/2 hrs. We drove to several other places, whom also had a long wait line. We finally found a Olive Garden that had a wait line of 10 minutes, so we went there instead. We didn't realize how long it would take everywhere. After supper we walked off all of those calories with a nice long walk on the beach.


LindseyB said...

The condo we always stayed at in Destin was also right on the beach. If you get up early like 5 or 6 you can watch dolphins all morning, well til the sun comes up. My mom use to do that and I caught it a few times, I was a kid then, ya know back when I actuallyy got to sleep ha