Monday, August 25, 2008

Marvelous Monday

Today was a WONDERFUL Monday! The kind of Monday that you can only wish for. My kids were perfect at school today. My class is finally starting to fall into a routine and I LIKE IT! I like a structured classroom full of familiarity. It allows the,students to know what to expect and makes for a better learning environment and less stress on everyone. So, YAY, in that aspect. I did hear Jace whine some when I left this morning, which wasn't fun, but they said he did fine at school today. Kylan did well again today, and even got his coloring sheet on the "good work board." I am constantly amazed at how well he is doing in school. When the boys and I got home we decided to play outside. It was just to nice to stay indoors. Kylan and I played a little soccer. He has decided to play again this year, perhaps with A LOT of persuassion from me, which John hates. He really enjoys himself when he gets our there and plays though, and it is much better for him then sitting in front of a video game. When John got home he took Kylan fishing, which made Kylan a very happy little boy. Today was my dad's birthday, but we are celebrating tomorrow night, since we couldn't all get together tonight. Happy Birthday dad! Well, let's hope and pray for another good day tomorrow!


Stacy said...

I need the dets about soccer sign-ups.

LindseyB said...

Kylan is growing up too fast. Last time i was at mom's I found the picture of his first Halloween. Remeber that?? He was a pea in the pod or a sweet pea, whatever you call it. Hope he continues to do well!

amber leann said...

I do remember. Gosh,that was forever ago, and now little Jace is already celebrating his 2nd Halloween.