Monday, February 8, 2010


Well with all of this snow lately we have gotten the nursery almost completed! YAY! We like a few minor things like a new curtain rod, new light switch plate, rug, and curtains to complete with zebra at the bottom. Also the bumper pad which may take awhile. I am also going to order Klaire's monogram to add above the crib. I am so excited to have it almost done! A HUGE thanks goes out to John for hanging the decal & my daddy for hanging her bow holder and name on the wall! I have also been able to work on a few orders that I am finishing up so that I can spend time with the boys before Miss Priss arrives. They are big orders & are taking longer than I anticipated. Hopefully with all of the snow that we woke up to, I can get a big portion done today! I almost forgot...John & I had a date night Saturday night, thanks to my daddy for keeping my boys. Gosh, I am starting to owe him BIG TIME! (LOVE YOU DADDY!) We, or shall I say, "I" wanted to go see "Dear John." John didn't care to see it, but was willing to for my sake, lol. We got there & it was sold out. UGH! I didn't really want to see anything else in case we still get a chance to see it before Klaire's arrival, so we opted to go eat Chinese instead. It was delicious! I hope we get to squeeze in one more date at least before the big day. If I go early then I only like about 5-8 wks. WOW!!!


The Kissin S Ranch said...

Wow, her room is soooo cute. I know you can't wait for her to get here and I can't wait for the pictures of the outfits that girl is gonna have!