Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day!

Okay, so we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day as planned, considering that I was going to be watching my boys try skiing/snowboarding for the first time ever! I hate that we had to miss the skiing trip, however, John's health is much more important. I would have hated to drive up there and his lung collapse again. Kylan was the most disappointed out of all of us, but he is satisfied that we will go next year. Friday night we went to John's parents for steak and all the fixings. John was going stir crazy. Saturday he rode to Mississippi with his dad and Kylan to get the Cheville again while I met up with my girls, Chandra, Shea, & Cassie. (Along with all of our kiddos.) We had a great time catching up as always! I had planned to get groceries after meeting up with the girls when John texted and said to just stay in town that him & his parents would meet us to go eat supper. So, since I had nothing major planned Jace & I hit Target and he helped me register. He was such a big helped aiming the scanner at everything I held up, lol. We finally met them and headed to Outback and then we ran to Walmart to get the boys and us some movies to relax the rest of the weekend. Today we went to church and then headed to town for a quick trip to grab a pizza and some groceries. John was worn out afterwards so he slept the rest of the afternoon and we missed church services tonight. We did however, do a bible study with the boys. My parents brought the boys some treats over and candy for us too! My favorite thing though, was my yellow rose that my daddy always gets me. I look forward to it every year, yellow is my favorite! Thank you daddy, love you more than words will ever express! John got me a necklace with the kiddos names on individual charms and their birthstones, except for Klaire's, which we will order once we know if she will be a March or April baby!