Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Update on John

This week is already crazy busy. Monday I had a hair appt. after school. Afterwards John's mom cooked supper for us and then I headed to my Young Mother's Meeting. Tuesday after school I hosteda Kelly's Kids party. After wrapping that up John, the boys, and I headed to town to eat Chinese with his parents. The biggest news of the week is John's Dr. update. He went back yesterday and 5% of his lung is still collapsed. The Dr. said that it would take another 2 wks. to heal and he will have to go back then for another x-ray. If it is not healed by then they will run some more tests.I am inlcuding some random pics. in this post because there was no specific post to put them in, lol!


Laura said...

Kohen has those same pajamas! I love the snug fitting pj's! Glad John is doing better.

amber leann said...

Thanks Laura, me too! After the doc. bill we got in today I hope it doesn't happn again!