Thursday, March 13, 2008

Worn out!!!

Today was a very long day.....parent teacher conferences went really well, but by 6:45 we were all ready to go home. I was dissappointed to come home and find Kylan at my parents and Jace asleep. I had gone all day without seeing them, and they did fine without me. That is great and all, but I didn't feel needed at all. :( Jace did wake up around 7:45 so I did feel better about getting to play with him awhile. Kylan finally decided to come home and greeted me with a big "Hey mom," and made me feel better too. He decided he wanted to ride his go-cart for a little while though and was off again outside. At least the weather is nice though, and he is wanting to go outside instead of being stuck in front of video games. I had a surprise from my mom when I got home. She had made Jace and outfit for me. I bought the fabric a couple of weeks ago and had found some pictures of an outfit I wanted made. She took the fabric last night and had it completed today. What a great mom! It is adorable, so of course I had to share. We have in-service tomorrow, but hopefully will get out early. Jace has a follow-up visit with the doc. as well and hopefully his ears will look much better. I also have to go to Dillards and pick out the boys outfits to wear in a fashion show for the kids festival there on Sat. I think it will be fun, though Kylan is a little, no a lot hesistant about it. We will see if he goes through with it or not......