Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It almost feels like Spring

Jace finds his way to the very end of his crib

Kylan outside and muddy

Jace's favorite meal for supper

sweet brothers

Jace always has his mouth wide open

It turned out to be a nice day. After picking up the kids, I decided to let them play outside for a little while. Jace loved being outside but wanted to get down sooo bad. It seems like we are finally getting a routine going, let's see Jace is almost 10 months.....wow it took awhile. When we get home from school he has supper around 5-6:00 and now stays awake until about 8:00 or 8:30. He plays well and is really starting to remember how to crawl, though it's not long before he flops. He is having a time with diaper rash, however, I guess from the antibiotic shots. I tried to let him crawl around free bird style, but I looked down to see poop running down his leg, GROSS!!! And let me tell you, he never has a solid one, I'm guessing because he is breastfed, but antibiotics always make it even worse. SO, I'm racing to the bathtub with him, where we proceed to get it EVERYWHERE!!! We finally did manage to get him, the floor, the tub, etc., cleaned up, and then I decided that the diaper must go back on rash or no rash. I will try to let him air out again tomorrow for a little while, and try to brave the odds again. Enough, about the gross stuff though, just keep him in your thoughts as we battle this baby booty drama!


kristen g. said...

Oh no!! Kate made a huge mess in the bathroom today waiting for her bath to be ready but at least it was just pee! I was trying to clean it up, and she takes off across the room still peeing everywhere. Oh the life of a Momma. :) That'll teach me to leave a pile of pajamas in the floor!?! Can you say laundry time?