Friday, March 7, 2008

dashing through the snow, in a 4x4 tahoe

Well, we drove in the snow to the doctor's office to get Jace checked out. Luckily we let out of school at 11:45, so I didn't have to take a half day off to take him to the clinic. We waited for while in the clinic, but finally was seen to find out that he has double ear infections and had to get a shot of antibiotics. We also have to go back tomorrow for another shot, as well as Sunday. He has to have the shots because the one antibiotic that is good at knocking out ear infections, just so happens to be one that Jace is allergic to. Poor little guy, he just cried when they gave it to him. I hate that he has to have two more, he is so cranky as it is. In the long run I think that it will benefit him the best and hopefully get him over this much quicker. Mom went with me, John, and the kids so we could run a couple of errands while we were in Jonesboro. After we got out of the clinic, mom and I decided to leave the sleeping kids in the car with John and do some super quick shopping. They slept the whole time. The drive home was rough because the roads are starting to get a little crazy, but we just stuck my truck in 4-wheel drive and were good to go. Lets just hope the drive back tomorrow is okay. I think Kylan is wanting to stay at home with his Gammy to play in the snow while we take Jace and get a few groceries. I wish that I could take Jace out for a few minutes to see the snow, but I think it's best that he stay indoors as must as possible. Hope everyone enjoys these snow days, I'm sure they are the last till next year!!!!