Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg-citing day for the kids

We had quite an eventful Saturday. First of all the boys rocked out to Guitar Hero this morning, and even got me me to try it once or twice. It's lots of fun, but man do I need practice. This afternoon, John and I took the boys to an egg hunt at my friend Stacy's house. Three of us mommies (Tiffany, Stacy, and myself) got together and split supplies up to have an egg hunt for our kids so that they could have a chance to play and spend time together. Stacy was so great with the kids and even had Easter placemats for them to create while the husbands hid the eggs for us. We even teased the kids a little and pretended to hide the eggs and sent them out looking with not an egg in sight. They were really good sports about it and even waited semi-patiently for the eggs to "really" be hidden. They had a great time and it was nice getting to enjoy the company. Tonight we decided to go see the movie Horten Hears a Who, because Kylan had been good at school this last week. It was pretty cute, I did however miss the last 3-4 minutes because Jace starting getting a little fussy, but hey he is 10 months old so that was expected. He really did great for the most part. I thought I would update while we are waiting for the eggs to boil fot Kylan to dye his Easter eggs. Yes, at 9:30 at night we are still up preparing for Easter Sunday. Plus we still have to make the Ressurection cookies that we have started doing every Easter. I will post more about them tomorrow. For now, we are waiting for the "Easter Bunny" to arrive and fill the boys baskets!!!!


Stacy said...

The Egg Hunt was such a fun idea! I know the kids really enjoyed themselves! Everyone I have told the story to about "not" hiding the eggs and having them hunt for them does not see the humor in it, but I thougth it was quite entertaining!