Friday, March 28, 2008

Fantastic Friday

Jace looks a little worried, what do you think?

Rub a dub dub two boys in the tub

John looks like he has a big, green, gumball head
Today was such a great day! We had a pretty relaxing morning. I got a few cute shots of the boys in the tub. I know my kids and friends probably get annoyed that I always have my camera handy, but one day I think they will be glad that I have so many pictures to look at. It is always fun to go back and look at old pictures. Hey, at least they can never say, "Why don't we have any pictures of _____????" because I try not to miss anything. Anyway, my mom, the boys, and I and went to see my grandma Sanders today. The holidays are hard for her without grandpa and she says ever since Easter she has not felt like being around a lot of people. I feel so bad for her, I can't imagine losing John, but she has been with my grandpa since she was 14, so I can't imagine how hard it is for her. On a more positive note, she was glad for the visit. This afternoon John came home with me a new set of wheels. He is going to drive my tahoe now. I guess you can say we love tahoes, since now we will have two sitting in the driveway. Tonight we met friends Tiffany and Jeff to go eat chinese and go bowling. I am terrible at bowling, but do get a little better as the night goes on. I was in last place the first game, but finally on the last game was in first place. John was first in the first game and last in the last game, until he got two strikes in a row and ended up beating my first place. Confused? We had a great time and hope to go out again soon!


kristen g. said...

Sweet new ride! I'm jealous, I am sooo ready to get something bigger. I don't think I could do 2 kids in the accord!
I love the pic of the tub--Jace looks terrified that Kylan might dunk him. Cute!!

amber leann said...

Thanks, just wish I didn't have those payments, ha ha! Jace does look quite afraid, I think he likes baths by himself better! ;)