Sunday, March 2, 2008

Can't wait for Spring

Today was such a pretty day. I took Jace out to swing and it was so much fun to watch him. He just giggled and giggled. I can't wait to be able to take him out all of the time. If we could ever get through this crazy weather. We had to get Jace a new car seat this weekend, he was getting way to big for the infant carrier. This afternoon I adjusted the straps for the new seat, all by myself too. I was proud, sometimes those things get a little tricky. John would have done it, but he has been sick with the flu since Friday afternoon. You know how men get when they are sick. Kylan stayed the night with John's parents last night, so atleast he was away from his daddies "crankiness" for a little while anyway. Mommy on the other hand is going crazy, lol. I hope that John is the only one that gets sick. On a more positive note, Jace is actually trying to use his knees to crawl instead of the wounded solider crawl. It is amazing to see, and he is also standing on his own for about 10 seconds, which is awesome. Jace is too funny, anytime I am on the laptop I can't seem to keep him away from it. He will crawl on top of my legs to get to it. I guess he is wanting to prepare his own blog spot, instead of sharing the spotlight with everyone else on my page, ha ha!


kristen g. said...

I love that picture of Jace in the swing, he looks so happy to be out!
Hope John gets better soon, we know all about sick cranky Daddies around here!!