Monday, March 3, 2008

We made it!

Well, Jace and mommy survived the first day in a new room. When I dropped him off this morning he didn't even cry. He was so interested in the new toys (yay for mommy.) It was nice not having to sneak out of the room to go to work. Which, yes, I know you are not suppose to do, according to the experts. But, come on, it breaks your heart to leave them upset. Anyway, when the 3:20 bell rang, I was outta school to get to my precious baby to see how his day went. Kylan wanted to go in with me to pick him up since he was in a new room. When we walked in the door he was the only baby left in his room, but he was sitting in the floor playing soooo well and was very happy. He looked up and just laughed and grinned at us. It was so nice to see that he did well. His teacher said that he had a wonderful first day in there. He must have played really hard too, he is beside me passed smooth out. I am so ready for this summer so that I don't miss out on so much. On another note, I got Kylan's t-ball schedule today. I know most of the boys on his team and I think that Kylan is going to have a lot of fun. He found out today that they don't get to hit the ball off of the tee, which upset him. He is worried that he won't be able to hit it when it is pitched to him. I told him we would practice so that he would learn how, and speaking of practice we start this Thursday. We have lots of practices and many games up to three times a week. It is going to be a busy ball season. Kylan has really enjoyed ball so I hope that he doesn't get discouraged first thing this year. I will keep you posted......