Saturday, March 15, 2008

what a loooong day

Today was quite busy. I made a birthday cake for a lady at my church first thing. Then we got the boys ready to be in the fashion show at Dillards. By the way, update for Jace..his doc. said his ears were 90% better, but it would still take a little while for his ears to be back to normal. Hopefully we won't have to go back again until 12 month shots. Back to today, we had to be at Dillards at 2:00 to get the boys clothes and get them changed and lined up. Of course we are always late, but we got there at 2:15. The boys looked adorable. Kylan's outfit was not what I really wanted him to wear, but he picked it out, so I thought if he was willing to cooperate, then I should not be too picky. He did actually go through with it, of course a promise to Chuck E. Cheese was involved, which didn't hurt. Andrea walked the boys around "the square" aisles for the show so that I could take pictures. It wasn't very organized, for example we were told to fill out cards with the boys names, ages, hobbies, and school for someone to read, but for some reason they didn't. I don't know if there was just too many kids or what. Someone overheard them say there were 70 or so kids, so I guess that was the reason, who knows. After the show, Kylan had a birthday party by a group called oogles and googles. It was a dinosaur hunt. It was really cute, and Kylan had a blast. When that was over we had to make the trip over to Chuck E. Cheese of course, as promised. The line was long, but Kylan and his daddy had fun, while Jace and I chilled in the booth. We finally got home around 9:00. I'm worn out, but hey I did get a pair of heels at Dillard's for $10. Can't beat that!