Saturday, March 8, 2008

doc. visit number 2

Papaw and Jace..check out all that drool!

Kohl's special

Gammy and Kylan's snowman, yes he is in the house
Kylan in the snow

Pre-shot...notice how happy

poor little guy

So we ventured out this morning back to the clinic for Jace's second antibiotic shot. He cried for a second, but was fine after that. He already seems much better today, not sleeping as much, and no yucky stuff coming from his eyes. I will be glad to have tomorrow's shot out of the way. After our doctor visit we went to Walmart and got groceries (real interesting huh?). I did go ahead and buy me a cheap digital camera since my other one is on the blitz. I was excited though, even if it is not my ideal camera. The one I really want is between $600-1000 dollars. I think I will wait until this summer to splurge on that one. I got a Fujifilm FinePix A805. It has 8.3 megapixels and was on sale for $129, or so I thought. I was excited about the price until it rang up for $99. How great is that? You think you are getting a great deal, and suprise, it's even better. Anyway, it will work for now. I hated to spend a lot anyway, the last one I bought was close to $400 and it only lasted 2 yrs. The only reason I want the "ideal" one is because I like to have a camera that I can change the lenses on and manually adjust what I need to, as well as have the automatic function. I have been playing with it a little, may take awhile to get used to. While playing with it, I took a pic. of my new bathing suit. Yes, I am soooo ready for summer. Not sure why I got a two piece though, with all my stretch marks and all. It really looks like Freddy Krueger did a number on my stomach, ha ha! Maybe when I get a tan it won't be as noticable. Wishful thinking anyway!