Sunday, March 9, 2008

third and final visit (for now)

Well, Jace got his last antibiotic shot today. He only cried for a second, but it seemed like FOREVER!! We go back Friday for a follow-up to make sure these shots were worth the 3 trips and the pain. I feel like I have lived at that clinic this week. Last night Jace finally figured out how to crawl on his hands and knees instead of dragging himself across the floor. We could not have been more happy. Of course, he has decided that this is something he doens't have to try that often, just on occassion when he feels up to it. The little stinker must know how long we have anticipated this, yet feels the need to keep us on our toes by only doing what pleases him. I had to call someone, since we were so excited and all. I decided to call my mom. Well, Kylan started getting chills yesterday and ran a 103 temp. He layed around, but seemed his normal self today, meaning bouncing off the walls, cabinets, anything that he could possibly bounce off of and around. I kept both the kids home from church for safe measure, but no temps for either boys today. We ate dinner with my parents today. Jace looked so grown up eating corn on the cob. We got the biggest kick out of him at the table. I would lean over and whisper in his ear and when I quit he would just laugh like crazy. He would then stop and wait for me to whisper again, and then as soon as I stopped start laughing again. That is one thing I can say about my boys, they know how to ham it up, and believe me they show out every chance they get. When we got back from the clinic today I had a visit from my friend Thomas, whom I graduated high school with. We had a nice time catching up. He travels a lot, so we don't see each other very often. We talked about our 10 year reunion coming up next summer. Gosh, how time flies. Well, tomorrow is Monday again, they seem to get here quicker and quicker. I only have a four day week this week with the kiddos. We have teacher inservice on Fri. Parent-teacher conferences are Thurs. night until 7:00, which is going to be tough on me not seeing the kids until later. Call me old fashioned, but I'm just not used to leaving my kids much, so not seeing them from 7:30-7 is a long time for me. We only have one ball practice this week which is tomorrow. So the hustling begins.....