Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soccer out...Karate in

Tonight was the final night for soccer. Our little team kicked butt too! They "won" their game and had a GREAT time. Kylan even took one for the team when he was goalie. He was hit in his "area" and danced around for a minute acting goofy. I was quite embarrassed at his charade, but it was a little funny. We had a great time enjoying the games this season, even if Kylan really didn't want to play. He received his last snow cone for the season tonight, and couldn't have been more thrilled. I will say it again though, if all we had to do was buy snowcones for him to play, then it was worth it! Well, now it is off to karate. Kylan will start his first lesson on Monday. We will see how it goes. He has actually begged to do this since last soccer season, so maybe since he is the one that is so interested then he will do well.