Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Okay, for those of you who have time to check my blog daily I have been a slacker for sure. I'm sorry about that. It has been a busy week already and today is just Wednesday. I thought once soccer season was over that it would slow down. Instead I think it is speeding up. Monday Kylan started Taekwondo on Monday. He said he had a lot of fun, and then burst into tears saying he didn't want to go back. He had to do a lot of watching because they are practicing for a tournament and he didn't know what to do either. Both of these things apparantly led to his much understood frustration. I told him that he wasn't suppose to know what to do yet, and that they wouldn't always be doing what they did on Mon. I let him get a practice uniform and his white one that he will need online. He chose red (which they were out of) so instead chose black. I think this eased him a little. I didn't take him to his lesson Mon. but will tomorrow. That has helped as well. He keeps asking if I am going tomorrow and I keep reassuring him that yes I am going. I told him that he needed to atleast give it a month to learn a few things before we make any decisions about continuing lessons. At school this week we have been dressing up for Red Ribbon Week. Monday was patriotic day and Tues. was 50's day. I had a parent that came to my class and made us "purple and choc. cows." aka purple soda/coke floats. She also brought us some 50's music to boogey to. It was a lot of fun. I love that era of music. Today was hat day, tomorrow camo day and Friday school spirit. I haven't taken many pictures this week, my memory cards are getting full (sad that I take that many pictures I know.) I also had Mother's club Monday night and my Extension club meeting tomorrow night after Kylan's lesson. Then of course Friday is trick-or-treating with my sweet pumpkinheads. My mom and John are taking Jace to his school party on Friday since he usually doesn't go on Fridays. They are then coming to my school for mom to read a felt board story to Kylan's class and my class. Then they will be eating lunch with Kylan for a treat. I will hopefully get some pictures then.


Stacy said...

Geesh. Slow it down sister. You are sounding crazy like me!! We forgot hat day. Oops. I am a slacker these days.