Friday, September 5, 2008

We scored....

Touchdowns that is! We decided to take the boys to the first football game of the season tonight. It was my high school vs. the school I teach at now, so of course I was on the fence about who to support. Well, who am I kidding, I so rooted for my "new" team. Afterall, that is where my kids go to school now. It was a great game. We ended up pulling through for a win after being led by the opposing team the whole first half. It was great. Lots of mud everywhere though. It was actually pretty yucky, and of course I was in heels so that my pantlegs would not drag. NOT A GOOD IDEA! Anyway, Kylan had a great time playing with his little school buddies, so all was well. Tomorrow we are off to call those HOGS!!!!