Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the middle of the week is almost here

Not much to blog about. Mother's club was fun last night. I won a prize (two super cute pumpkins) and got two new bracelets from a lady selling stuff there for the program. Today was one of the best days that I have had at school, which says a lot, considering how crazy this year has been compared to the last two. After school, I opted to stay at home while the other K-teachers when out to eat and a movie. It would have been fun, but I already have church and then bunco this week, and then of course Friday night shopping for last minute items for Kylan's birthday party on Sat. Instead, mom, the boys and I took a nice walk down the road. The boys loved being outside. John then came home and took Kylan to his first soccer practice, where Kylan actually had a good time and didn't want to stop playing. John even took him to Sonic for a treat for playing/practicing so well. Jace fell asleep early, so I got to finish a book and now have time to update. So, though there is nothing major going on in our family, it is not always a bad thing to be able to stop and enjoy a nice day.


LindseyB said...

About the soldier. The website i used was www.adoptaussoldier.org you just fill out the form and they email you all of the soldier's info in a couple days. Or if you would like one from Blake's company I can give you a name there. I send his old roommate stuff cause he literally has no family except an aunt. He is a nice guy and very appreciative. He was Blake's roommate before they moved him to FOB Speicher. Whichever you want to do is fine by me and if you want to do the one from Ft Sill I have all of the addresses. If you decide to send stuff to a soldier let me know because there are a few tricks to make shipping cheaper. Holla if you need any more info.

amber leann said...

Thanks girl! I had already emailed that website, and they did reply to it today, but I had wanted to make sure! Oh, and yes, please send me the tricks! :)