Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is it almost Monday already?

Geez, the weekends are TOO FAST! Today we slept in late. We didn't even attempt to get out of bed until 9. Jace didn't sleep well at all last night. It seems like he was up every 20 min. or so crying in his sleep. I'm still banking on the fact that it is teething and not an ear infection or something. He has been super cranky ALL DAY!!!! John still wasn't feeling up to par today so he stayed home from church, while the boys and I went. We actually didn't even make it until preaching, but atleast we made it to services. After church we were starving and had no groceries, so we headed to town to Subway. John thought he would feel better after he ate. We got our food and headed to his parents where his brother Zac, Summer, and the girls were. The kiddos played while we ate. John and Kylan stayed there while after our visit, I headed to get some groceries. I picked up Tiff on the way, she needed some too. Again, Jace was super cranky the whole time, and I will be soooo glad when this phase is over. We got back just in time to unload groceries. John stayed at home again, while the boys and I headed to church where there was a whopping 10 people there total. Kinda sad I know! Now it is off to bed, and to the start of another work week again.


Stacy said...

I have a good idea about groceries, but it requires a few families that like similar things. What you do is have a few gals each make up a ton of food and divide it up, so you only cooked one meal (a large portion, but still one meal) and you get how ever many in return. Like I would make a chicken casserole and some sides and you would make something and Tiff would make something and we each pack up the extra and freeze it and you would have meals on hand. I have to explain it in person, I am not making sense. Must go to bed.