Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lazy Sunday

We woke up to no electricity this morning. It was only off for about 8 hrs. It is crazy how dependent we are on electricity. We go stir crazy and we have it good. There are so many folks out there without a house, and would love to have it as simple as no power, and not losing everything. We are so blessed and take such advantage of what we have. We need to remember all those that are going through tough times right now, and remember how blessed we are. Since we had no power and our church is just up the road with no power, it was cancelled today. We didn't get a lot accomplished today, but still had a good day. Jace has FINALLY been sleeping again, and has not had Tylenol, Motrin, teething tablets, or orajel since Thurs. YAY!!! If he is cranky at school tomorrow, then he must be playing his teachers, lol! We shall see! I made a set of burpcloths today, and Jace and I took a LONG nap. We then invited Andrea, Mackey, and my parents over for tacos for supper. They all stayed and visited awhile. Nothing major going on today, but tomorrow begins a new and busy week. I have club tomorrow night (I think anyway, I am a new member of our local Young Mother's Club, but am not sure if new members start tomorrow or not.) Then church Wed. night, and bunco Thurs. night. Then it will be Friday and time to get last minute things for Kylan's birthday party on Saturday.