Thursday, September 18, 2008

bunko fun

I did get to take some video of Kylan and his buddy Ethan dancing today at recess. I'm sure it will embarrass him to the fullest extent later in life, which is totally my job right? It also embarrasses me to hear my very southern drawl when telling him to dance, lol! We had bunco tonight, low in number, but still had a great time. Stacy even let me borrow a princess crown for the night. We have an ongoing joke that I am the bunco queen since I started our group. I did win a prize tonight too, which is always fun. It was a super cute brown necklace and earrings. Loved it Stac!


Stacy said...

Glad you liked your prize that you won in the last few minutes Queenie! I had fun too considering I am having my special woman day AND sinus crud!

LindseyB said...

i thought stacy was the bunco queen since she belongs to like 5 bunco groups?!?!