Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can't believe that I forgot!

Geez, I feel like the worst mom ever! Until I read Stacy's blog, I realized that I had forgotten to post a VERY important thing!!! Kylan got his 1st progress report today from Kindergarten! He had S's on both shapes and colors. His teacher also said that he is one of her best at coloring and printing! YAY! That is all they get graded on at the moment, but the progress report will have more and more things added as we go. We (as in all K-classes) have started studying sight words. Kylan surprised me tonight by already knowing around 11 or so. They have to know atleast 20 to go on to 1st grade. I was very pleased, considering I just now started doing these with him every night starting this week. Okay, so sorry about all of the bragging, but I have to give him his props, lol! Behavior has also been really well. Actually a lot better than I ever imagined it would be. He has been in trouble only one time in 5 weeks, and him and two other boys were talking instead of listening at circle time when they were suppose to be printing letters on their dry erase boards. SOOO, I am thanking my lucky stars (and sending up praises to the good Lord above) that so far that is the worst thing he has done, because after all...boys will be boys!