Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Terrific Tuesday!

Today was a really nice day. Jace has not cried the last two days when I dropped him off at school, which is always a plus. My kiddos at school were really good today. They even won an award at lunch for being the best Kindergarten table. After school, the boys and I headed to see my friend Bradley's sweet baby boy Mack. I only wished that I could have held him longer. Jace was getting jealous, and I just didn't want him to accidentally hurt sweet Mack. Mack is such a cutie pie. I wish that I would have had my camera with me. Kylan acted like he owned the place, making himself comfy by flipping on the couches, eating their food, etc. (Sorry Bradley) After our nice visit we headed home long enough to grab a quick snack and change for Kylan's second soccer game. My parents rode with us to the game. My dad was so great. He chased Jace all around for me, so that I actually got to watch the game. Kylan had an AWESOME night! They won by at least 5 points (sorry, I lost score.) Kylan made 3 goals, and played excellent teamwork to score 1 or 2 more. I was SOOOOOO proud of him. We then chatted with lots of people while Kylan ate his snowcone for the night. Now we are at home, about to do the whole bedtime routine. Just wanted to post a few pictures from the game tonight.


Stacy said...

Um, Mrs. Amber.... who was keeping score? I thought EVERYONE was a winner! Just kidding! Way to go Kylan! Have I reminded you about the party Friday night? 6:30? You guys can drop him off and go do your thing and pick him up later or stay if you want... whatever. And I like the no presents idea. Seriously. Especially since we didn't make Kylan's party.

amber leann said...

Yeah, I know! I can be a little competative at times, lol! No, you haven't reminded me, but you may need to again on Thurs. night or Friday morning.