Friday, September 19, 2008


And we are exhausted! In fact, after I post this I am headed straight to bed, even though it is a Friday night, and not even 11. This is completely unusual for our family on a weekend, but we are all tired and my throat hurts. We have rushed around tonight getting last minute things together for Kylan's birthday party tomorrow. We still have to make a quick trip to town tomorrow morning for some last minute things, but I think we are almost ready. If only it doesn't rain!!!! There is a 40% chance (of course) and his party is at the park. We will see.....Speaking of his birthday...since he in not in school on his birthday, he got to wear his birthday hat today at school. His Gammy surprised him and came and ate lunch with him and brought him to cookies to celebrate. He was very excited!


Ginger & Emma said...

Hey Amber! I know what you mean about being tired on Friday nights. Tell Kylan "Happy Birthday"! I know he is soooo excited to share the day with his friends. How special is that!?!? I know you are excited about our baby boy. Check the my blog for pictures. Chan is a beautiful mother!:)

Stacy said...

jvSo glad you got the brown necklace and earrings... I think you are the only person in our group who could pull those jokers off! In fact, I thought of you when I saw them! Happy Birthday to Kylan. We are so sorry to not make the party. When we got home (at 2 pm!) Chris wasn't feeling well, Ruby Kate was napping and I was exhausted between staying up too late last night and my sinuses are acting up. Hope he had a great birthday!