Friday, September 26, 2008

Pump it up!

Soooo glad it is FRIDAY!!!! We had lots of fun today at school. The kids were wild, but it was a snack day and we did fun Johnny Appleseed activities all day. Our parent coordinator got some cute shots of Kylan and is suppose to email them to me. I will post them when she does. Of all days, I forgot my camera. Anyway, after school we headed to the Sample boys birthday party. We got there to find that Jace was too little (had to be 2) and he was wanting to get down and roam. We didn't think it was quite fair to make hold him the whole time. Stacy said it was fine to leave Kylan (thanks girl) so we headed off to grab a bite to eat and run to Target. We got back just in time for the party to end and then headed to Walmart to get some groceries. Tomorrow we are suppose to head to the Children's Museaum, but Kylan and I are feeling a little strange. Hopefully it is nothing, but there has been A LOT of crazy bugs going around school. Say a little prayer for us all!


Stacy said...

Sorry that Jace couldn't "Play". They did bring out a car for the little ones to ride in and they let the little ones climb on one thing. They just had fun running around and watching all the big kids :) So glad you guys could come! Have a great birthday!!!!!! I SURE hope you don't get sick on your birthday! Please tell Andrea I said "Happy birthday" to her too whenever her birthday is :)

amber leann said...

Funny, we must be commenting on each others blog at the same time. It's okay, I wish that we would have stayed the whole time, but it did give me a chance to get Andrea's b-day present, whenever her birthday is, lol! You are too funny! Thanks again though for watching Kylan!

Amanda @ Bibs and Cribs said...