Sunday, July 13, 2008

water and wings

Kylan at the car show/park

Yesterday I wasn't able to post, my internet again!!! John and Kylan worked on his go cart all morning yesterday. It had made a funny sound and quit running. John got it fixed though and Kylan was very excited. I on the otherhand worked all say inside cleaning out some things. One of my summer goals by the way. Unfortuantly it was only one room that got the major overhaul. Jace's closets and things were needing reoganized and gone through. I packed away all of the clothes 0-12 months that he could no longer wear (sniff, sniff). I then went through every drawer and got rid of the stuff I didn't have too much emotional attachment too and got it put in bags. (Those are for you Chan!) John, Jeremy, and John decided to go to a car show, plus Kylan needed a trip to town for a haircut. Later we all met at Jeremy and Angela's, along with Malinda and Roy to let the kids swim for awhile, and to eat some wings and pizza. It was all soooo delicious. Jeremy is an excellent cook! We all had a great time visiting and hope to do it again soon.


Chandra said...

Yippy!! Bring 'em on!!