Saturday, July 5, 2008

Finally finished!

Well, I say finished, again, besides the floor. That is also why the pictures show no baseboards. Here are pictures of the completed bathroom, whew what a project. It is different for sure, but I think it is a lot more masculine then the flower border that was in there before. I'm just glad it was one room and not the whole house, otherwise, John and I might be divorced, lol! It wasn't too bad actually, but the laundry room is the next big project so we will see how that room goes. I think we are using the green for it too, but I'm not quite sure, it is awfully bright. I do not have a lot of wall space that shows however in there, especially once I get it finished. I need lots of cabinets and storage, so the color might not be to bad. We will just have to wait and see. Maybe we can get started on that project next weekend????


Stacy said...

It looks really good! I bet you are glad to have that marked off of your "to do" list!

Chandra said...

It all looks good! The shower curtain goes well! Good luck with the laundry room!

Shea said...

Love it!