Friday, July 25, 2008

more projects

I promise that I am not going to turn this blog into a daily showing of crafts, lol. In fact, eventually I would like to have my own blog page for my creations, just in case anybody wanted to place some orders. For now though, I will try my best to not put too much of my stuff on this blog. Today I thought that we would sleep in since it was John's first Friday off of work for the new four day work week, but that didn't happen. Well, it did for John, but the boys and I got up around 8, which I consider early for a Friday morning. Oh well, it should be my turn to sleep in late tomorrow, lol. We took it easy and didn't rush to town, but I had tons of minor errands so we didn't wait around all day either. In fact, we even ended up home around 5 which is early for us on a Friday night. We got a few things for vacation and then came home and started packing all that we could. I just don't want to wait around until the last minute to get everything done. After Jace went to bed, I started my sewing for the night. I did this last night as well. Tonight I decided to do a couple of girly burpcloths, well kinda, the skeleton one is a little punk rock I guess, but pink, so still girly. I think the zebra one would be super cute with a name on it in hot pink! I guess I am done for the night, so good night if you are reading this.


Stacy said...

what would be bad about daily posting your projects? I just wish I put out a project each day to post pictures of! I did make Ruby Kate a birthday shirt... but it was too easy to consider actually taking any credit at all! See you this afternoon.

Whit and Bradley said...

I love the pink skeleton burp cloth. It is so cute.