Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hissing Cockroaches and a new tooth

Got your attention didn't I? I took the boys to the library this morning for storytime. The theme this summer has been about bugs, hence the hissing cockroaches. The lady read several books about bugs, one about the ugliest bug. It was cute. She then brought out the hissing cockroach. The kids were all intrigued, of course! She let the kids touch them, which of course makes them hiss. I was surprised that Kylan wanted to touch it, but he loved it! He then picked out some books and his prizes for reading 10 books this week. Then it was off to run some errands. I needed some fabric and to hit a few sales. I got two cute sweaters at Steinmart since they are going out of business they were 60% off. I also went to Pitter Patter and got Jace two shirts for 40% off. I even found Kylan a shirt but he didn't like it so I put it back. We got back home late and my shoulder was killing me from carrying Jace around all day. I had fallen Sun. night and hurt it, but it didn't bother me yesterday. I guess it was hurting today because of Jace's 23 lbs. Jace was cranky today, but he has cut tooth number 10 and two corners of tooth number 11 (a molar). Anyway, my computer is being worked on so I can't post any pictures until I get it back, but wanted to atleast update. I borrowed my brother in laws laptop for the time being but it's old and doesn't have a place for a scandisk and I can't find the cord that goes from my camera to the laptop. I will get them posted though. I got some of Kylan with the cockroach, ewwwww!