Sunday, July 20, 2008

14 Months.

Today my little Jacer, as I like to call him, lol, is 14 months old! I can not believe it, everytime the 20th rolls around and he is a month older. He is now walking so much more than crawling, and it is the sweetest thing a mother can witness. Well, among every other cute thing he does. :) We started off the day by going to church where this Sunday was suppose to be a little different. We were going to have a special speaker/singer come this morning and have a time of testimonials as well, and then lunch at the church. Well, 11 rolled around and our speaker never showed up. We are all hoping and praying that maybe he simply forgot, and that there was no bad emergency or anything. We went ahead and sang some extra songs and ate early. There were no scheduled services for tonight since we had the activities this morning. After church, Jace and I took a long nap, and I mean long. Jace slept for 4 hrs. I only slept two, but it was wonderful. After a while my parents came over to visit for a little while and then we headed up to my sis and bro. in laws to visit for a little while. I see why we don't "visit" much. Jace was in to EVERYTHING of course, and I was constantly chasing after him. It is so true what they say about babies walking.....that you want them to so bad, and then you are wishing that they aren't quite so mobile, lol! I am really glad though that he has finally graced us with walking these last couple of weeks. I have a busy week ahead before we leave for Destin. I have workshops tomorrow and Wednesday, and activites for the boys on Tues. and Thurs. We will see how it all goes......


Ginger & Emma said...

How precious! I remember what you mean about taking them visiting. I always avoided the homes of other people. That made me WAY too nervous. Girl, you amaze me! How do you get it all done???? So many projects, so little time!

The letters you did for Emma turned out beautifully! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that for us. Makes me feel special! I can hardly wait to get the paint and hang those on the wall. We love them! :)