Saturday, July 5, 2008

Glitter in the sky

I didn't get a chance to post these last night because we got in so late. The fireworks at the fairgrunds did not start until 9:30. We brought my grandmother with us and met mom and dad up there. Jace feel asleep about 10 mintues before we go there. I didn't think he would be able to sleep through fireworks even the little one, but he slept until about 9:40. We got there at around 8:45 to get a good seat. When Jace didwake up he wimpered a little at first until he got up and I held him and his ears. I was amazed at how good he did. The fireworks were pretty. I didn't get any realy good pictures, but I got some pictures none-the-less. Afterwards I really wanted to go to walmart and pick up some new shower curtain rings and towels for the bathroom, which is not complete with the exception of the floor, which again will be in next week. I will post pictures later today of the bathroom when I get all of the tools, paint cans/brushes, etc. out of there and my curtains hung. We didn't get out of the fairgrounds until 10:45, traffic was horrible. Kylan wanted to go home with my parents to do some firecrackers at home so they took him and grandma home while we were off to the store. We thought we might as well get groceries while we were there so it ended up being 12:15 before we got home. Then of course Jace was completely off of shecdule and finally gave it up around 1:45 this morning. Luckily we were all able to sleep in until 10:00 this morning. You may also notice Jace's face in the pictures. He has a scratch by his eye. This is his first major boo boo, caused by his big brother as well. Kylan didn't mean to hit him, but was swinging a toy around andit flew out of his hands and got little man. Kylan felt horrible and even drew Jace a picture to tel him sorry.