Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Frenzy

Okay, so I didn't realize that it would be such a big deal to buy a backpack for Kindergarten. Boy was I wrong. First of all, our school prefers clear or mesh ones. I really am cheap and didn't want to spend a lot because afterall Kylan will probably have the thing torn up after the first week of school. We searched several places in the mall to find one, with no luck. The ones at Walmart are okay, but from personal experience with my Kindergartners in the classroom, they do not hold up well. We decided to go to Shoe Carnival and found some Nike backpacks. Kylan of course wanted the $40 one. I said no way, which of course upset him, but he got over it. We opted for the $30 instead. It ended up being on sale for $22, YAY! When got home from town Kylan had to organize all of his stuff in it. He was also excited about getting his nap pad. He loves all of the new stuff but is still NOT ready to start Kindergarten. I asked him if he was excited about being with me at my school, and he said no, he would rather stay at home, lol! I also got some great deals tonight at The Children's Place on school clothes. John decided he wanted chinese for supper. Andrea was still in town so we decided to take her out with us to eat. It was nice for her to join us, and Kylan of course loved it. Now we are at home, relaxing, and about to watch a movie. Oh, also to leave on a postive note....Today was John's last Friday to work. Usually he gets off of work at 11 on Fridays, but they have decided b/c of gas prices that they will now go in a 6 M-TH and have Fridays off. This is AWESOME b/c now Jace won't have to go to daycare on Fridays! YAY!!!!


Chandra said...

Can't believe how big he looks with his big boy backpack! He has grown too much since I first met him when you brought him to class. He was so little. I think he slept through part of it in your lap! Boy, that was a while ago!

Mickey and Jessica said...

LOVE Jace's shirt!! Where did you get it??