Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another busy day

I got up this morning and got the boys ready to hit the library. This was the last summer program so I really wanted to make sure they got to attend. We will miss the party next week since we will be in Destin, but hey the beach beats the library anyday. The boys got to make butterflies this week. Kylan checked out more books. He loves the informational books, which of course is typical for little boys, but it still amazes me how he goes to that section of books everytime. After the library we ran by Sonic and grabbed a bite to eat, and then it was off to work in my classroom. I really didn't think I would be able to stay long at the school with the boys, but they surprised me and we stayed for about three hrs. I didn't get a lot accomplished but did feel better about getting a few things cleaned up. Jace fell asleep as soon as we got in the truck headed home. Kylan and I read a few of his books. The main one he wanted to read was about dangerous ocean animals. I probably should have snuck this one out of the pile when we checked out at the library, since he will now be terrified to step foot in the ocean next week, lol! I then took the boys to my mom's house so that I could meet up with some friends for a surprise birthday supper. Happy early Birthday Lindsey! John was late from work, but my mom didn't have to keep them long, and she was sweet and cooked supper for John and the boys.I got home in time to play with the boys before bed, which I am always thankful for! My favorite thing in the world is spend time with my boys!


Stacy said...

yeah... dangerous ocean animals a few days before going to the ocean.... um....could be detramental. Thanks for being part of the birthday bash!

LindseyB said...

Thanks for being there last night. It really meant alot to me!!

Sara Neufeld said...

Are you doing a craft fair up here? We are doing the fall one in October.