Thursday, July 3, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new

I needed to go to town today to get me a frame for our 16X20 family picture that I ordered, and they were 1/2 off so off to Hobby Lobby I went. Chandra and I have been talking about me doing her litle Caden's (who is on the way) name on his nursery wall, so we were chatting and decided that she needed to go to HL as well, so we met there this morning last minute and got her things for him as well. I told her she might as well get in with me and us do a little shopping since we were both in town anyway. I had both of the boys with me until John got off at noon and came and rescued us from Kylan's continuos moaning and groaning about shopping. Jace on the other hand was a perfect angel the entire time. I was excited that I found a cute two piece bathing suit to take to FL until I got home and realized that I got the wrong size, ughhh! I also got home and realized that I had bought the wrong frame as well. It was hanging in the wrong spot, go figure. So, now I have two things to take back which annoys the heck out of me. I had already taken back a sack of stuff to Old Navy today. Anyway, Chan and I ate at Chili's and it was excellent! We had a really fun day, even if it was last minute. I got home and John was putting stuff in the storage building which is complete with the exception of one row of singles. I of course was in there ripping off old border in the bathroom before he could object. When I get started on something I want it done then. We are going to have to make a quick trip to Lowe's in the morning to get some supplies, such as sheetrock mud, sandpaper, new floor, a light fixture, etc. Lots of little things that will probably take all day to do. I am hoping though that we can get started painted tomorrow afternoon. I am posting pics of the before bathroom,and as you can see on John's face he is NOT happy about another project around the house. His honey do list just keeps getting longer and longer.


Chandra said...

I look like a bug in my glasses compared to you! Why didn't you tell me to take them off! I really hate it that you bathing suit and frame didn't work! I almost grabbed my shorts from Target in the wrong size too because the hangers were messed up! Soooo irritating!!! Jace really was an angel today, and I too had a great day! Thanks for helping me make all sorts of decisions!! I came home and got my projects underway, and now have even more decisons to make! We'll have to do it again real soon!!

Shea said...

I'm jealous I missed out on the fun! Chan, you don't look a bit like a bug! Can't wait to see the finished projects!!!