Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update with Klaire

Gosh has it been a week already?? Lots going on...Friday night I was exhausted, so we just relaxed at home. Saturday we went out with John's parents for Chinese and Gatlin stayed the night with us. Sunday was church as usual and then Monday back to school. I turned 36 wks. on Sunday also. Monday night I had my Young Mother's club meeting where I had another diaper drop and then Tuesday I had my diaper drop at school. Today I went back to the doc. for my weekly check-up. I am now dilated to 3. My doc. also stripped my membranes. Still praying for a Saturday baby!!! After my appt. mom & I took the boys to the bookstore and let them buy books. Plus I wanted to get the babywise book since I have heard so much about it! Hope it is worth it! Jace loved the train set there. I sent the boys off to church tonight with their daddy while I stay off my feet. I really need to be at school the next two days!!! Oh the first diaper pic is from the school drop, though it doesn'teven do it justice. I took the pic on my break and half the diapers weren't even there. The other pic is from the club diaper drop!


Shea said...

I know you're so ready for that sweet little girl to be here! Hoping she makes her debut on Saturday!!!

Christina Staggs said...

You'd better start reading! Looks like she could come anytime now! Try to be patient!!!