Friday, March 12, 2010

Dr. Updates

John went back to the doc. yesterday for another chest x-ray. His lung is 100% again. Praise the Lord for that wonderful news! I also went for a check-up and will now go weekly. WOW! I am dilated to 1 cm. and he said baby girl is very low. He says that he doesn't think I will make it to my due date but to drink plenty of fluids in order to make it to 37 wks. I was 37 wks. with Jace. He also believes that when she decides to make her arrival that it will be super quick. I hope and pray that he is right. I would still LOVE for her to be born next Saturday the 20th. I would only be a day shy of 37 weeks so it would be perfect! After my appt. yesterday I went to Young Women's meeting where I had my first diaper drop. It is so exciting to get something that is so needed, & it saves a ton of money!


Shea said...

Glad to hear John's back to 100%. I'm waiting on a phone call/text!!! I can't believe you're that close already!