Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home & adjusting

Well, we got home around 1 on Sunday. Now it is adjustment time. We had to supplement with formula in the hospital some because Klaire wasn't latching on correctly and was killing me, not to mention wanting to eat every hour. We cam home & did the same until yesterday. I what little bit of formula that she was getting was upsetting her stomach because she would not sleep and would cry. I decided no more and she hasn't had any formula since Sunday afternoon. The sleeping is getting a little better, however she is still wanting to nurse every hour or so, and at some times every 30 minutes. It is wearing me out, but hopefully I can try to get her on some kind of schedule the next 2 weeks. She just wants to nurse about 10 minutes and then go to sleep. Some of all that sleepiness is due to the fact that she was early, but again, hopefully we can get the hang of this. I am pretty determined to nurse and no pump for now. So, say a prayer for us all as we are learning to adjust to our new family. The boys are doing well with her. Jace wants a little more attention, but that is normal. Here are some new pics!


kristen g. said...

Klaire is so precious! I love the newborn days, even though it's exhausting. Hopefully she'll start nursing a little further apart for your sake!

amber leann said...

She did so much better today, in fact I had to drag out the pump to get some relief tonight!