Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More boo boos for John

John called me at school Monday and informed me that he had been in a car wreck. He is okay, just scratched up and sore. Airbags can do some damage! Luckily he wasn't even in his truck (instead in a car he was working on) and it wasn't his fault. John was hurt the worst, so they were both very fortunate it wasn't that bad. He was more shaken up than anything. I asked him if he was just trying to scare me into early labor yet again, lol! So thankful that God has his loving arms of protection around John lately. It could have been soooo much worse. He has a knot on his arm that you can see as an oval bruise in the picture and a knot on his stomach. Thank goodness his lungs were okay! By the way, he goes back for a check-up on that this Thursday. Say a prayer for him!