Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break

Well Spring Break is here and almost gone. Sunday was church for us, we also headed to town for some errands & groceries. Monday the boys & I stayed home & inside since our yard was a swamp. John & I did get to go on a date night though when he got home from work. We went and saw The Bounty Hunter. It was cute, nothing that couldn't wait until out for rent. Tuesday the boys & I stayed outside for quite a while. It was so pretty and had dried up some, though they did play in the mud puddles of course. Today I decided that I needed to get out of the house, so the boys & I jumped in the truck & ran to town. I hit a couple of consignment stores and then headed home. Papaw came down & took the boys on a ride in the semi. They loved it of course! Then it was home for a bit until Jace's first t-ball practice. He did awesome! First thing he got hit in the stomach with a ball though, but never shed a tear and kept right on playing afterwards. I was super impressed. Kylan has piano later tonight too, so it has been a busy day! Still hoping for baby girl by Monday, but she is so far being stubborn, lol!