Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where are the days going?

My goodness, I can tell it is the holiday season. Things are getting really hectic. I will start off updating from Sunday. We went to our church for a.m. services and then went to my parents for lunch. We then headed out to see an ordination service for a friend of ours. They are a super sweet couple and we just couldn't miss out on such an awesome event for them. We decided since we were on the road so much that we would opt out of our services for the night. I had a friend over to help me play with my embroidery machine. I just don't know how to use it that well. We think though that I had some bad thread. I am getting more tomorrow and hopefully that will solve my problems. Speaking of my new machine. Guess what Jace did to it in 2.2 seconds...... Well, there is a place on the front to slide a teenie pair of scissors, and yep, you guessed it. He took them and scratched the screen to pieces. Thank goodness there is a plastic piece in front of the screen, but it still makes me sick none the less. Monday was busy. Even at school we had a busy day. The Air Evac helicopter came and landed and the kids got to look inside. I didn't take my camera outside, but did manage to get pictures later of another treat. We had a guest speaker who brought animal skins and talked with the kids about Native Americans. The kids really enjoyed it. After school I rushed home and cooked for my extension club meeting and wrapped gifts for my secret pal, and a surprise baby shower for Tiffany. I missed Young Mother's meeting (they are on the same night), but I didn't want to miss the baby shower. Tonight I have been working on orders. I am so excited to be getting so many, and it is keeping me busy. I have orders for 5 taggie blankets, 1 burpcloth, 2 diaper wipe cases, and two children's pillow cases this week, so I will be a busy girl. I had to order some fabric online so I can only accomplish so much at the moment. Tomorrow I plan on meeting my mom after school to get a few things, and then bunco is Thursday night. Now if only I can squeeze some time in to do some Christmas shopping, lol!