Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is the weekend gone already????

For starters, Kylan had no temp. Saturday! YAY!!!!! He is still cranky, but much more back to himself. You can tell he was out of school for four days though, cause he definitely has an attitude! Hopefully we will get back to more of a routine starting again tomorrow. John and I discussed a few things today about trying to get a more consistent routine for both of the boys. I think this will help him with his attitude problem. He still has days where it is tough for him to adjust to the whole "it's not just me around here anymore" thing. I knew he would have a hard time adjusting, after all, we waited until my gender ultrasound to even tell him I was expecting, because he did not want a brother or a sister. He just thought I was eating a lot, ha ha! Anyway, I just didn't think it would take THIS long, after all Jace will be a year next month. Well, atleast I will have ALL summer off this year and we can have plenty of mommy and Kylan time without me feeling guilty for leaving Jace every once in awhile. Last summer I was finishing up my Masters degree with a newborn (Jace was 2 weeks old when I started summer classes)so my summer was jam-packed. So as much as I love my kiddos at school, I am soooo ready for a summer with me and my own kiddos. Saturday we went to get groceries and then when we got back John, Kylan, and Uncle Jody went to check out part of the farm land that is under water at the moment. In fact, it only likes inches getting in my brother in laws house. They have everything up on blocks, but it still may end up getting in the house. The boys went and got on one of the tractors and rode around in the fields. They had a good time. Today we went to church as usual and then went to my sister's house for lunch. Jace was sooo funny. He would pull up underneath her glass table and try to get the items on top of the table. Too cute! I will have to wait and post pictures from this weekend because I left my camera at my sis's house.


kristen g. said...

I hope you can all have a nice easy summer and the adjustment period will be done! :) One thing's for sure--your life is never boring!

Stacy said...

wow... that is alot of water!