Thursday, December 10, 2009

What a week!

Sunday was church. We cancelled p.m. services in order to attend the annual Living Christmas Tree church program. It is a tradition my family always does. Jace was intrigued by all the lights and singing. Afterwards we went and ate with several church members. Monday was off to school again. Tuesday was the same except that we had our Young Women's Christmas party. We had a great time and got a lot accomplished as far as community projects/fundraisers are concerned. Wednesday morning Jace woke up at 4:00 screaming and holding his ear. No temp. but I gave him Motrin and found some antibiotic/numbing ear drops later for him. I took him to school but told them to call if he was miserable. Well, not even an hour later they called. His Meme went and picked him up for me. She said he laid on her all day long. He looked pitiful. I had professional dev. that afternoon and then he was suppose to have his Christmas program for school. He didn't feel up to going so I picked him up and then we went on home. I was sad that he didn't get to be in it. Today I took a personal day to do some Christmas shopping, which was suppose to be w/o the boys.) However, I went ahead and took Jace with me even though he was feeling great today. Thank goodness! After shopping with him & mom all day we went and picked up Kylan from school, just to head back to town. Kylan had an appt. with his ENT this afternoon since he has failed both hearing tests at school this year. He has battled this for so long now. His ENT wants to do tubes for the 4th time. Soooo, on Dec. 23rd he has his surgery. Say a prayer for him. We want to solve his hearing issues for sure!


Stacy said...

sorry to hear he has to have another set of tubes.

kristen g. said...

I'm praying for your boys.

The Kissin S Ranch said...

Poor Kylan, hope everything goes great for him.