Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Today was spent pumping water out of the yard on this rainy Christmas Eve. Tonight we went to John's Aunt Fonda's, which we do every year. I forgot the memory card yet again so no pics from there. We then went to Gammy's and the boys got to open a present there. She got them a kit to make balloon farm animals. They had fun making a few before we headed home to make cookies for Santa. We also had to fix up some oat and glitter for the reindeer and write letters to Santa. I thought it was very sweet of Kylan tonight to leave a present for Santa. He left him a Santa container with hot chocolate and a pencil with Santa carved in the top. Anyway, the boys put their letters in a special Santa mailbox, and we left a magic key for him to get in the house since we don't have a chimney. I can't wait until Santa arrives & watch the boys open presents. The most important thing to realize though is that this we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, and that gift is the most special of all!