Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Festival of Lights

Monday night we headed out to see the Festival of Lights with the preacher & his wife. They were so neat! I would love to say I got lots of great pics, but much to my dismay I realized that once we got there that I had forgotten my memory card in the computer. There were some really cool displays. The boys favorite was the alligator. Mine was either that or the Noah's ark. Anyway the boys did get to see Santa for a pic. Jace wasn't sitting on his lap this time! We had a great time and will go back again next year if we can squeeze it in again. The drive was almost 2 hrs. but worth it! Oh & please look at the boys only in the pic, you can so tell Klaire is helping me with some extra pounds! lol


Beth said...

Wow, that is one massive Santa! I can't even tell you're pregnant in this picture:)

amber leann said...

I know! It is the biggest Santa I have EVER seen!