Monday, December 21, 2009

Church Program

Today was our annual church program. John & I were chosen to be Mary & Joseph, and Kylan was a shepard. We also always have a visit from Mr. C of course. I was super proud of Jace for sitting on Santa's lap. Once he got up there Santa would ask him what he wanted and he would just say, "I want down!" Ha, that would be my child. The boys loved all the presents they received at church. Kylan stayed the night with our preacher & his wife, so the rest of us headed home to get some rest. It was wonderful sleeping in the morning until 8!!! Wanted to post some pics from last night and some I that I have been playing around with on my camera. John got me the EOS Rebel XS which I think I will love once I get used to it. It was a little pricier then I wanted to pay, so hopefully it will be worth it. Kylan got out my old dinosaur camera and has been playing with it. Maybe he will be into photography???


The Kissin S Ranch said...

"I want down", I love that!!

Shea said...

Another new camera?! I swear you get a new one every year ;) You and John were too cute and the boys are handsome as always!

amber leann said...

Yes, I go through cameras a lot. Usually I ruin them when we go to FL and they get sand in them!