Saturday, January 23, 2010

work, work, work

Jace got into the donuts on the way home from town last night!

Not sure why I am cheesing so much!

In a short time Klaire will be in the mix too!

Gosh it seems as if I have been busy lately. When I am not at school I seem to be working on orders. Love having the ability, but think I may stop taking orders the first of March to concentrate on Klaire's arrival and some time with my boys. There are some simple things that I am still wanting to make for Klaire such as burp clothes, etc. and I haven't had time to do them with my other orders.

After my doc. appt. on Wednesday it was off to church. Thursday night a few of us girls from college got together one last time before we have our babies. Three out of the 4 of us, are preggo. I am 28 wks, almost 29. Stephanie is 32, and Lauren is 39 weeks. I am so glad we got to get together. The next time we get together we will all have our bundles of joy with us, which will be fun and interesting, ha! Missed you girls that didn't get to make it!

Today I have been working on orders all day. John went duck hunting this morning and then came home to entertain the boys, lol. Gatlin is with us this weekend so the boys are having a blast. I got tickled today looking at all of them on the couch. I am wondering where in the world Little Miss is going to fit, ha! Poor girl, I know how it feels to be outnumbered, so glad I am not the only girl now though. Tonight we are heading out to eat chinese with John's parents. YUMMY!